Friday, November 14, 2008

Jewish Muslim Dialogue; a necessity

Jewish Muslim Dialogue; a necessity
Mike Ghouse, Dallas, Texas

The Jewish Community Center in Dallas recently screened a documentary called “The Monster among us”, produced and directed by Dallas filmmakers Allen and Cynthia Mondell.

I have captured the highlights of the film, and will pen a few here;

First of all, let me acknowledge, that it is a well made documentary and I commend the integrity of the producer for presenting his particular perspective which he twice clarified to me was a strictly "Jewish" perspective with no attempt made to present any other side of the story. That is fair.....until we have all points of view on the table, the dialogue to find solutions would be inadequate and thus will not be sustainable.I did not find the movie to be offensive; however there were three major flaws in the movie that needed to be re-edited or tagged with comments to rectify them. Our allegiance ought to be to the truth. Continue

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