Friday, May 1, 2009

Organization: Earth Rhythms

Organization Name: Earth Rhythms
Address: 381 Casa Linda Plaza, box 137, Dallas, Texas 75218
Phone: 214-261-5599


Executive Director: Amy Martin
Board Members: include Bryan Lankford, Rodney Steman, Ed Townley

Spokesperson: Amy Martin
Interfaith Relations: Amy Martin

Incorporation date: formally incorporated April 2007, in existence since 1993

Annual General Meeting date: n/a
Qurterly Meetings date: n/a
Monthly Meetings date: n/a

Director profile: Amy Martin is a well-known Dallas leader in Earth-centered spirituality and the ceremony leader, producer and promoter for the acclaimed SolstiCelebrations. The events are presented by Earth Rhythms,, for which serves as executive director. Regarded as the “Moonlady,” she operates a 2900+ member holistic/spiritual/environmental email listserve for North Texas called Moonlady News.

A journalist and writer of over 20 years experience, she runs Moonlady Media with her husband‚ artist and computer animator Scooter Smith. Moonlady Media produces books, both printed and electronic, on a variety of topics. Amy and her husband share their wooded East Dallas home with several cats‚ two dogs and a variety of wildlife. They are developing a contemplative nature preserve northeast of Dallas. She may be reached at or through

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